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We have a 100% customer satisfaction and review rating in addition to a high success-rate delivering exceptional SEO results with cost-effective SEO pricing within a short time-frame.

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ZrysMedia Team is a branch of ZrysMedia that focuses on effective Link Building services.

ZrysMedia was established in 2006 and has grown over the years as a top performing SEO Company that shows proof of results in addition to providing Clients an extremely high return-of-investment.

Businesses large and small trust ZrysMedia Team to create and execute effective link building campaigns that do not violate Google Webmaster Guidelines.

Our link building helps accelerate search engine signals which greatly improve online search visibility for businesses small and large.

Our Link Building Benefits

Increased online visibility, customers & revenue.


Improve Search Rankings

We increase traffic to your website by improving your search engine rankings for relevant revenue producing keywords. We do this by helping your website get linked from relevant, reputable websites speaking about topics related to your business.


Increase Customers

We not only help you get great links to your website. We also create and collaborate with websites that link to you to create high quality search engine optimized content marketing to not only link to you from, but to also help attract new customers from the linked websites audience.

Our Core Link Building Strategy

Learn our steps for bringing online success.

linkbuilding-website-analysisWebsite Analysis for Link Building

We analyze your online presence and structure of your website to evaluate. This is done to see if it has a solid foundation of Search Engine Optimization.

Things we analyze about your online presence:

  • Current links you have
  • Rankings in Google
  • How strong your websites online visibility is compared to your competitors

Things we analyze about your website:

  • Technical SEO
  • On-page SEO

Note: If your website is not in optimal shape to benefit from link building, we offer SEO services. Our services will improve your websites SEO foundation so our link building efforts provide maximum effectiveness.

linkbuilding-keyword-targetingKeyword Targeting for Link Building

We research and analyze your current rankings and some of your competitors to find optimal relevant keywords that your website should be ranking for.

We find potential opportunities to improve your online rankings based on suggesting these keywords to website owners to link to yours in natural ways. A “natural way” for linking would be suggesting to the website owner to link to a business as “Sacramento based Dentist, Acme 123 Dentistry” instead of the exact keyword found in our research, “Sacramento dentist;” as that could look bad in Google’s eyes if it was seen linking to a business from many websites. The reason it is bad in Google’s eyes is it’s considered a link scheme (more info here: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/66356?hl=en).

linkbuilding-prospect-outreachProspect Outreach for Link Building

Based off our analysis of your website, we then search for websites to get links from that is relevant to the topics of your website. For example, if your website sells lawn products, we find websites that talk about gardening, outdoor style, home decor and other relevant topics to get links from.

We find well-qualified websites based on a series of attributes such as but not limited to:  content relevancy (a gardening website would be relevant content-wise to a online store that sold gardening equipment), location relevancy (if your website caters to people in specific locations, getting links from websites catering to the same location have a bigger impact), website authority, website age, estimated organic traffic and more.


Content Guides for Link Building

Once we have determined the appropriate websites to get a link back to yours, we create content as a guide which includes link backs to your website.

The benefits of our content guides are:

  • It shows the type of content we’d offer as a “guest post” to them that they can publish directly (with their modifications if necessary)
  • It can help the website owner get an idea of how they could create their own content about your business to write and publish in their tone and style which caters to their audience.

linkbuilding-outreach-executionLink Building Outreach Execution

Our team will successfully perform outreach to the well-qualified websites we find. We perform outreach in various ways such as by phone, email,  and the website owner’s online form.

linkbuilding-reportsReports & Measuring Performance

At the end of each link building campaign we share our results of which websites linked to you and how they linked back to your website.  How they linked back includes if they used non-follow, the anchor text used and more.

Following the completion of each link building campaign, you can compare your search rankings a month before our link building campaign started, to how it is at least 3 months after we’ve completed it (reason for 3 months is that links take time to get indexed by Google and provide measurable benefits).

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